The Benefits of Apple Stem Cells

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then apple stem cells must be good for you!

Swiss biochemists have recently discovered that apple stem cells have wonderful anti-aging benefits. As we age, the reduced turnover of cells results in us losing control over how our skin ages. Epidermal stem cells are needed to create healthy new skin, but those are significantly reduced and function less efficiently the older we get. Thatʼs why apple stem cells show such promise when it comes to anti- aging treatments.

Apple stem cells are now found in products like Image Skincareʼs THE MAX serum and creme. THE MAX contains plant derived apple stem cell technology, which has a positive effect on human stem cell growth, and protects against UV damage and oxidative stress while repairing DNA. It also has an anti-wrinkle effect. Itʼs a natural alternative to Botox!

It looks like we have the Swiss to thank for their chocolate, cheese and now the incredible benefits of apple stem cells! You can find THE MAX serum and creme at the spa, for $89. Mention this blog post, and you will save 10%!


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I am the owner of Laura's Wellness Spa in Redlands, California.
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