Fruits and Vegetables and the Organs They Resemble

All you have to do is look at certain whole foods to see the connection they have to body parts! A carrot sliced into a coin shape looks like an eye, while a tomato has four chambers, just like a heart. Keep reading for information on how to eat the best foods for certain organs. Images courtesy of Women’s Day.


Carrot:  Once a carrot is sliced to resemble a penny, it looks like the human eye, complete with the pupil, iris and radiating lines. Carrots enhance blood flow to the eye and assist with eye function.


Tomato: Just like the heart, the tomato is red and has four chambers. Tomatoes are high in lycopine, which feeds the heart and blood.


Walnut: Walnuts have the same wrinkles and folds of the brain, in addition to a left and a right hemisphere. Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are brain food.


Celery: Celery is long, just like a bone. Celery targets bone strength.


Avocado: Matching the shape of the uterus, avocados balance hormones and help prevent cervical cancer. It even takes nine month to grow an avocado.


Sweet Potato: A sweet potato looks exactly like the pancreas, which is why sweet potatoes are the perfect food for diabetics. These vegetables balance the glycemic load.


Citrus: Citrus fruits, like grapefruits and oranges, resemble mammary glands, and are important foods for breast health. Citrus foods also help move lymph in and out of breast tissue.


Ginger: The stomach and ginger look almost exactly alike. Ginger ale has long been known as a remedy for stomach pains, because gingerol helps ease nausea.

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