Try our New Cleopatra Facial!

Olympians aren’t the only ones going for the gold – you can, too! Treat yourself to the “Cleopatra,” a 23-karat gold facial that is the ultimate in luxury.

Gold has been used for facial treatments for thousands of years, and the benefits are amazing: fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage are reduced, circulation is increased, your skin becomes more firm and tight, and you get a golden, radiant glow! All skin types react well to the treatment, which also eliminates toxins and helps cells regenerate.

Cleopatra is rumored to have slept in a gold mask, and now you can enjoy the fantastic skin that comes from 23 karat gold! Call the spa today to lock in our special introductory rate – $99, a savings of $51! This amazing facial costs $200 in Los Angeles, so take advantage of this awesome deal!

This offer expires March 1, 2014.

About lauraswellnessspa

I am the owner of Laura's Wellness Spa in Redlands, California.
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  1. AnnaBella says:

    this is nice Information, thanks for sharing. Hope we will read many other good things from you in future also. Regards

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